David & Dawn Mee

David has been calling for over 37 years. He began calling originally in 1975 at the age of 11, however he did not fully pursue the calling profession until 1980.  Since that time David has become a very popular, well liked and highly sought after caller.

Known for his playful yet professional style, he calls dances throughout California on a regular basis. He has also called dances internationally in several countries including Denmark, Sweden, and China. David calls and teaches all levels from Basic to C-1.

David has recorded for Shakedown Records and more recently has been added as a staff caller for CHIC Recordings.

In addition to his square dance calling, David works as an executive for Disney, and as the saying goes; for David it truly is “The Happiest Place on Earth.”  He also sings and plays the piano with a Praise Band at Yorba Linda Friends Church.

Dawn has been a well-known instructor in the clogging community since it became popular in the mid 1970’s. As a founding member of the Cripple Creek Cloggers, she has danced and competed in clogging events across the country. Dawn has made sure that her traditions carry on, as each of her three daughters were excellent advanced level Cloggers.

Dawn saw that her passion about dancing reached outside of the Clogging community, and she found a home in the Round Dance community as well.  She cues dances for clubs all across Southern California. In addition to her Round Dancing, Dawn works part-time as a systems consultant for a machine shop and is loving being a grandma.

David and Dawn both enjoy playing cards and games, and spending time with family and friends!